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Here it is: Bartering plenty of Noise for a tiny bit of Voice

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bartering Noise for Voice

Here I offer you plenty of noise for getting some voice… what a deal, please take it!

1st Issue Lousy Financial Regulations

In November 1999, in an Op-Ed in the Daily Journal of Caracas I wrote “The possible Big Bang that scares me the most is the one that could happen the day those genius bank regulators in Basel, playing Gods, manage to introduce a systemic error in the financial system, which will cause the collapse, of the only remaining bank in the world”

And the Big Bang, this monstrous financial crisis happened and I know exactly why, and yet, though I have written hundreds of letters to the Financial Times objecting Basel I, II and III they refuse me space to voice my arguments

Please have a look at,
especially under the label of subprime banking regulations.

You can also find many writings on this subject in

2nd Issue, Oil-Cursed Citizens

I come from an oil cursed country where the government is independently wealthy, does not need the citizen’s taxes and therefore treats the citizens as annoying beggars of favors.

The fight against the oil curse is being hijacked by some well intentioned ONGs and international organizations, many of them from oil consuming countries and who unfortunately have no real idea about what the oil curse really means.

As an example of that suffices to say that they establish among their explicit principles that oil revenues should be managed by governments in favor of the citizens, something which of course reduces the citizens to being mere recipients of whatever oil-sowing the bureaucrats feel like doing.

You can read more about this here:

3rd Issue The environment.

The more you care or find yourself alarmed about the prospects for the environment the more you should care about that all the scarce resources are invested as efficiently as possible… and this does not seem to be the case with the majority of green groups who seem to want to throw whatever after their own pet-green solutions.

The more you believe there is a silly non-founded alarmism about the prospects for the environment, the more you should demand that all scarce resources invested in green projects meet at least some minimum standards of efficiency … and this does not seem to be the case with the majority of the skeptical who mostly shy away from their responsibility of providing some oversight.

If global warming, cooling, or just environmental degeneration is as real threat to humanity, as it could seem plausible, then even the poorest of the poor have the right as a human being in participating to confront that challenge, and should not be told… “You are too poor, innocent and irrelevant to it all to matter…. Let us the rich and develop handle it.”

You can read more about this here:

4th… 5th…nth Many issues… which is why I need so many songs.



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